Everyone can do yoga! 

Think you’re not flexible enough?  Practice yoga to learn how to accomplish what you want to do while appreciating that you CAN do it..

 Do you feel unsure of your balance?  Improve balance by improving mental focus and awareness, as well as body strength. Confidence follows.

Have aches and pains?  It's possible to reduce pain with attention to  breath and alignment.  Movement becomes easier.

Stressed?  Join us to experience relief from stress through relaxation techniques.  Face life with renewed interest and energy.

Afraid of getting stuck with your legs wrapped around your neck?  We don't even think of doing such poses! (Well, we may think about them but then we laugh and move on.....)

Limited mobility?  Almost all poses can be done with chairs and other props, making them accessible to virtually everyone. New freedom follows.

Lay down new brain cells by learning new things:  practice yoga!

Think you’re too old?  You're never too old! People in their 80s and 90s practice yoga to improve balance, freedom of movement, and sharpness of mind.

In treating mind and body, the spirit is also treated.  Yoga is so much more than just exercise.

Join us at Blue Heron Yoga studio and find out for yourself that yoga is for anyone who wants to feel better, move more easily, and become more relaxed.  

7584 Highway 570 West
Summit, MS 39666

           Laris C. Mitchell, CYT